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Who We Are

Tropos AR

We’re a kinda young and talented group of multidisciplinary tech enthusiasts with a passion for augmented reality and a groundbreaking concept that will contribute towards an unparalleled user experience. 


At Tropos AR, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead companies towards an immensely successful future. We see ourselves as AR Ambassadors, continuously pushing the envelope and building some of the most amazing augmented reality projects out there. 


Whether you are interested in one of our Master Classes, would like to build a new and exciting AR tool or just want to have a chat with like-minded individuals, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  

"If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you."

Steve Jobs

Our Team


Sven Franken

Founder & Managing Director

Former owner of Applicon (+150 FTE SME) and leading consultant in the world if payment processing. Sven Franken brings the experience taking companies through the Start-Up, Scale-Up and SME journey.

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Sven Van de Perre

Co-Founder & Creative Director

20 years of experience in videogames, gamification, human behaviour and user experience. Consumer AR has been his sole point of focus focus for over three years.


Bart Hufen

Gamification Expert

Bart is considered one of Europe’s true Gamification guru’s. He’s the author of several leading Gamification books, founded Europe’s only Gamification academy and his methodology is taught in Dutch universities.


Ivan Ivanovski

Tech Lead

Unity 3D veteran that specialises in Augmented Reality and all things geolocation. Ivan is the conductor who guides our development teams.


Gregory T'Kint

Marketing Lead

Eternal tech enthusiast with 25 years of marketing experience across territories and industries.  He caught the digital marketing bug back in 1999 but has yet to find the antidote.

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Jacky Kahan

Lead Generation Expert

In the world of Lead Generation, Jax is some kind of a legend. Maybe because in his spare time, Jax is a magician as well. All we’re saying is, Jax can work magic when it comes to generating new business.


Ilse Van Damme

International Partner

As CEO of Wolvenhall, Mexico’s leading AR and Data Science, Ilse is the driving force for bringing the Tropos AR network to Mexico and the surrounding region.

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Sam De Boeck

Business Developer

Passionate about video games & technology, Sam is eager to find new and interesting business opportunities in his field. Never afraid to tackle a challenge!

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Glen Johnston

Animation Wizard

The man behind Ammonite animation and TroposAR’s trusted partner when it comes to graphics. Only 26 years of age but one of the biggest talents in the business.

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Mauro Serra

Spatial Audio Engineer

What Glen does in graphics, Mauro does in audio. This SAE Glasgow alumni specialises in spatial audio and sound design for creative media.



Your Personal Assistant

If you haven't met Ava yet, then please let us introduce your personal guide to the augmented reality universe created by Tropos AR.

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