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With AR, the possibilities are endless

Below are just some of the AR experiences we have developed recently, and we are continuously tinkering on more innovative solutions to revolutionise customer journeys.

Pop-up Store

Belgian Barrels Alliance, the Unesco protected alliance of premium beers, has fans all over the world. With our pop-up technology, they can invite all of them into their Belgian Barrels pub. In it, our AR character transforms into their personal beer sommelier. 

Pop-up store

Travel & Hospitality

We offer a range of options for the Travel & Hospitality industry, going from virtual hotel clerks to using AR to guide your guest around your premises.  By gamifying everything we make sure you can engage with your guests more frequently and on a deeper level. 

Check out our dedicated page to learn more.

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Geolocated AR

Geolocated AR

Sometimes, you want an AR experience that’s just there. An experience that’s marked on a world map, for people to find. Tropos AR’s Geolocation module allows you to do just that. Drop anything, anywhere. Even an octopus in the middle of a public Parc.

Metaverse intro - square.png

Introduction to the Metaverse

Everybody’s talking about the Metaverse, but few of us have visited it. Tropos AR is the world’s first Metaverse portal that drops you straight into this new dimension… and there’s a personal guide there waiting for you. If you want to know how easy controlling the Metaverse will be, download and try.

Metaverse intro

AR markers

Wouldn’t it be great if you could look at a product, and know what’s in it. With Belgian Barrels’ Label Scanner, you can just look at one of their brands bottles, and know the flavour palette of that exact beer. With that knowledge, you can then find similar beers you’ll like.

Markers - square.png
AR markers

Join industry leading brands in claiming their space in the Metaverse.

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