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AR delivers Interactive storytelling and real solutions

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    By bringing digital content into the physical world, Augmented Reality allows you to solve real problems and make storytelling a two way street.

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Digital experiences that are part of the physical world. Delivering unparalleled marketing and customer engagement. Like these AR experiences outside the Red Star Line museum, where a full scale passenger ship rises from the water.

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AR can lead your customer to your product, but can as well bring your product to your customer. Belgian Barrels Alliance created a pop-up beer pub, where a friendly clerk helps customers define their beer taste and decide which monthly beed box to sign up for.

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Social Media Tours

Hybrid creative agency Hurae re-invented city marketing, by leveraging shareability. Tropos AR turbo-charged their already amazing idea by adding a layer of AR experiences.


At their Experience & Innovation Center in Paris, international leader in payment processing Worldline uses the Tropos AR SDK to show it’s customer key components of the AR future.

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Unesco protected shrimp fishing

The city of Koksijde is the proud home of a renowned piece of cultural heritage. And what better way to show the world, than to use AR to make that heritage come to life, right on the beach.

City of Leuven

In preparation of a new museum devoted to the history of medical progress, AR was used to shine a light on the founder of the field of human anatomy: Andreas Vesalius. His work can be found out in the open, at some of Leuven’s most iconic places.

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