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The tool that adds native AR to your mobile app

In less than a day, your brand’s app becomes the world’s most powerful AR player.

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Expand your brand into the Metaverse

Traditional markets are losing the younger demographic.
Social media channels have taken ownership of customer data.
Why not use augmented reality to add gamification to your customer experience?

Augmented Reality, controlled by a world-class user interface.

Driven by cutting edge gamification and user rewards.

Your customer, your data!
No third party gatekeepers.

Check out some mind-blowing
AR experiences

Many platforms and markets are working on Tropos AR implementation. Here’s a few of them that have already been deployed.

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Pop-up store


Geolocated AR

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Digital assistant


AR markers

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Join industry leading brands in claiming their space in the Metaverse.

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The Tropos AR engine can be implemented into any iOS or Android app, in less than a day.

Once implemented, a handy back-end lets you upload amazing AR experiences, without  having to modify your app.

The world is yours

With the Tropos AR worldwide geolocation module, you can place AR experiences virtually anywhere in the world.  These are visible to anyone through the Tropos Metaverse portal. This 3D content is interactive and can also contain 2D video or photos imported from other sources (potential legacy assets).

Everyone gets a side-kick

Our digital assistants look consumers in the eyes, while featuring organic sounding voices and automated facial and upper body animations.  This makes interacting with these avatars feel like being in a Pixar movie, while being in our metaverse.

Gamification for everyone

The Tropos AR platform was built by video game industry veterans who have a deep understanding of what drives digital behaviour.

Our Wallet interconnects all available AR experiences to an ever expanding web of gamification and digital rewards.

The data is yours

Where social media companies have positioned themselves between brands and their customers, the Tropos AR platform however allows organisations to fully regain the dialogue with consumers. Tropos AR is just a facilitator. 

The extremely rich spatial data is yours to mine and monetise.

Ever since Starsky embraced the AR medium by using the Tropos AR SDK, it’s hard to not look back at other mediums and realise how restrictive they are.

Kristiaan Cloots - CEO, Starsky

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