Partners on our Augmented Reality journey

Success is always better when the whole squad wins.


Based in Mexico City, they are Central America’s most foward thinking AR and XR agency. Wolvenhall is being led by tech entrepreneur Ilse Van Damme, ex-CEO of QMEX, global leader in data science. Wolvenhall believes in the full extent of the Tropos AR network. Their main focus is airports and holiday resorts.

DaChain background.PNG


As part of the Aser Ventures group, DaChain is about to revolutionise the world of NFT’s. Their versatile platform allows brands or businesses to have complete control of their NFT revenue stream, while offering their users a state of the art, mobile and metaverse ready front-end.


As an initiative, Boelwerf is still under the radar. In case you where wondering, what do these guys do? … well, they’ve been building a platform for digital art, with true ownership through blockchain technology, for over two years. Together, we’ve come to the conclusion that the network on which this exists, is at its best when it reaches as many people as can be. So Boelwerf decided to partner with Tropos AR. And together, bring the art world into the digital age.