"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Mark Twain


At Tropos AR we don't just theorise about augmented reality, we also build some of the coolest and most innovative solutions out there.

With a strong background in technology, game design, blockchain, gamification and storytelling, Tropos AR is ideally situated at the intersection of many disciplines in order to create the most astonishing AR solutions for communication and advertising.
In our experience there are only very few segments of society that won't benefit from augmented reality.


Power-tools company HILTI has always been driven by innovation. So they naturally turned to technology to help their employees feel connected, during the holidays. As a run up to their 2021 kick-off, Tropos AR created an AR fueled holiday card.  This featured a Christmas tree, fireworks and a new year's message straight from CEO Rainer Ringgenberg, using Tropos AR’s portal technology.



For an unnamed leader in the world of airport operations, Tropos AR has created a virtual assistant. Meet Ava, who’s waiting for you at check-in and who will guide you throughout the airport. She keeps track of the time for you, knows where you can pick up some bargains in the Duty Free zone and knows where the nearest coffee shop is for your early morning caffeine boost.