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At Tropos AR we can handle your project from start to finish, but we love it when our customers spread their own wings and fly.  

Native AR, ready to go

With the Tropos AR SDK, native augmented reality is at everyone's disposal. Whether in the form of a standalone app, or as an SDK that is easily integrated in your iOS and/or Android app.  No more worries about user interface, tech performance or app size. Tropos AR fixes every hurdle. Our technology allows you to focus on one thing: the AR experience itself. 


The Wallet sub-screen allows users to easily manage their AR experiences and the more they do in the Metaverse, the more Augmented Reality rewards they get. Tropos AR’s system drives end-user action by interconnecting every experience in the Metaverse with Gamification. The more users do, the more amazing AR rewards they will have at their home. A virtual trophy wall featuring their biggest achievements, NFT’s as pieces of art on their wall, or even a massive 3D club emblem, floating above their lawn. How’s that for a BBQ conversation-piece?

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World-class Metaverse content creation

Our back-end runs on Unity Technologies, which has over 1.5 million content creators. So you can probably just keep working with the content creators you use now. Should you not have a Unity skilled creator in your network, no worries, we know several world-class teams and a worldwide network of content creation agencies. Getting new content in the Metaverse is as easy as uploading it in the AR cloud back-end of your company’s account. With super-clear guidelines, a wide range of free building blocks and several deals on Unity based subsystems that allow you to easily create content that will blow your consumer’s mind.


Ethical Gamification

The team at Tropos AR, is led by videogame industry veterans. We know gamification, down to its core. These mechanics, that trigger a consumer’s dopamine system, are too powerful to leave in the hands of unskilled people. As some gamification is motivation, but too much is a one way street to addiction. At Tropos AR, we believe that traditional markets need to adopt gamification to compete against the ever-growing onslaught of digital entertainment. But over-using it, runs the risk of hurting the business underneath. So if you’re looking to leverage gamification, but want to do so in a balanced way, come and talk.

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Metaverse consultancy

For the first time in history, the point where a new medium (AR) goes mainstream coincides with the arrival of a new family of devices (AR glasses). And in parallel, technologies like A.I., Blockchain, NFT’s, Cloud & Edge computing, IoT and machine learning. Charting the best possible path to navigate this new world, often requires technology strategists and solutions architects. At Tropos AR, you’ll find one of the largest teams of thought leaders on all the technologies mentioned above. If you’ve got big Metaverse plans, but need some help in finalising them, we’ll gladly help you out.

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Join industry leading brands in claiming their space in the Metaverse.

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