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Adding the human touch... in AR.

Technology allows us to solve countless problems. It lets us deliver solutions faster, better and tailored to any individual. Yet, one drawback remains: there is no ‘human’ factor. … until now.

Virtual Hotel Clerks

With Tropos AR, your guests are never without personalised guidance. We offer digital interactive help, that integrates your guests' data and preferences. Our virtual hotel clerks have a lifelike human feel while featuring an easy to use ‘one button’ conversation system. 

Virtual hotel clerks

AR guiding your guest

One key metric in returning clients, is making sure they get the most out of their stay.  Augmented reality allows you to do just that. Think Pokémon GO, but with your guests being led towards key experiences and POIs.
We offer a digital system that motivates and guides people, all while sporting that familiar digital face.

AR guides

Gamify everything

The underlying reason why social media and games often dominate consumer behaviour, is that they are masters at triggering our dopamine system. With Tropos AR, you can bring the same gamification mechanics to any aspect of your business, by adding digital content to your physical spaces.

Gamify everything

Connect with your guests

Adopting the medium of AR, means being able to optimally engage your community. Your venue’s digital layer not only helps them make the most out of your facilities, it can also contain content from other businesses your neighbourhood has to offer. Got an outdoor pool? Why not make an amazing 3D AR animation inviting guests of that great museum nearby?

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Join industry leading brands in claiming their space in the Metaverse.

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