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The reason why Augmented reality is labeled the next big revolution, is not because it looks cool and offers a new visual experience. The unique thing about AR is that it is a medium that is yet unclaimed and has very few boundaries. The augmented reality revolution will be driven by a multitude of underlying technologies, which are bound to supercharge the leap humanity is about to take. The future leaders of this market won't be the ones that can make the best graphics or offer easy-to-implement basic AR solutions.

The trailblazers will be the teams who have a deep understanding of IoT, Gamification, Non Fungible Tokens, Decentralisation, Cryptocurrencies and include visionary solution architects that interconnect all of the above to build solutions that completely redefine the game. 

At Tropos AR, we work tirelessly to keep our team on the cutting edge of innovation. This allows us to advise our clients on what technology to implement now, which concepts to test for future use and what direction to take to guarantee long term digital success. 



With augmented reality, digital communication becomes truly interactive. In a way, we are moving into the realm of video games. And many of the rules that apply there, can also be applied in AR. The core team of Tropos AR includes several video game industry veterans and we also have a close partnership with BrandNewGame.  This trailblazing organisation has developed a game mechanics driven methodology that is taught at the University of Amsterdam and its Gamification Academy attracts industry leaders from Europe and beyond. 

Non Fungible Tokens

Through Augmented Reality, the internet will move from flat screens to 3D content that seamlessly blends into your world.  These experiences and objects will look and sound real. And with the use of NFT (Non Fungible Token) technology, their value will be as well. Bought a piece of AR art from a famous artist?  Well, NFT technology will make sure it is in your garden and only in your garden. And just like any physical piece of art, you’ll be able to sell it, gift it, or decide where and by whom it can be seen.

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The underlying current of all things digital is Data. And in the past, that data belonged to the happy few. The gatekeepers of major portals, who used it to dominate their market. 
Our implementation of augmented reality will change all that.  Tropos AR Clouds won’t have one owner but will be decentralised, layered and shared by many.  Tropos AR houses one of Europe’s leading solution architects, to help build that future.


As the lines between digital and physical content blur, so do the solutions regarding transfer of value. The current fiat money system can’t keep up with technology, especially not when trading across borders or when handling micro-transactions.

Tropos AR’s core cloud technology was built with digital tokens and cryptocurrency in mind. 


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