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AR is a visual medium, just like text, images or video. It moves us from having digital content on a few flat surfaces, to digital content at any cubic meter of air in the world. Consumer AR glasses will completely change our relationship to technology, so it is important that this 'AR Cloud' has the highest ethical standards and is market agnostic. 

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At Tropos AR, we believe in a Web3 future that offers true freedom. Only a bottom layer of the AR technology stack that allows sole ownership of data, leads to a Web3 future where companies and individuals are no longer controlled by gatekeepers. That is, at it's essence, what Tropos AR provides.

The Tropos AR SDK will allow every entity to be the sole owner of the data it generates. And have full control over who gets to validate it. So instead of current data overlords monetising consumer data, they'll be able to trade access to that data, for goods and services. 

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 Once free of data dictatorship, there is room, both financial and creative, to tackle issues that matter. At Tropos AR, we have just one on the roadmap. But it's an important one. We're aiming to make our contribution to Web3 25% carbon negative. And what's crazy is: it is more than doable.

A carbon negative internet

Data show us that carbon emission output grows year on year. We can slow that growth, but reversing it is a fool's errand. CO2 removal is the only real long-term solution. In the world of carbon removal, seaweed is the way to go. Seaweed is grown on strings on surface water, and sunk after it has maxed out the amount of carbon taken out of the surface water. With 71% of earth being ocean, with most of the deep see a barren wasteland, it reduces carbon in our atmosphere as well as boosts sea-life population.

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Tech-savvy entities have combined forces with the seaweed farming market, delivering NFT based tokens, allowing you to buy EU certified 'Blue bonds'. Tropos AR is building a system that calculates the total cost of a piece of content in the AR cloud. We add that cost, plus an extra 25%, to the creator of that piece of AR contents' hosting cost. With the cost of one ton of carbon fluctuating between €70 and €100, which comes down to an extra 1 to 3% cost of that AR experience. 

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