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Amazing AR is all about details.

AR that is spatially aware.

By using a system that is called Occlusion, our AR lens sees what is in front of an AR experience, and what is behind. Which makes it look like part of the actual physical world.

Automated virtual assistant

Market research showed that consumers don't want to be bombarded with virtual characters. They prefer just one, who knows everything, at all times. Tropos AR provides just that. A fully automated AR avatar, ready to be fitted with branded clothing and cost efficient to deploy. Ready to help you tell your story.


Spatial audio

Just as in movies or videogames, audio is 50% of the experience. It can lock a user into an experience, or break his suspension of disbelief. The Tropos AR SDK is powered by the latest in spatial audio and positional audio technology, making your experience sound as real as the physical world.

If you want to be big and bold, geolocation based AR is the way to go. Connected to the users’ GPS and VPS data, Tropos AR generates AR experiences at certain locations. Anything, anywhere, any time. Even if it's a passenger ship the size of the Titanic.

A lot of AR experiences work best when you give users some control. That is where user placed AR comes in. Our world class user interface makes any AR experience fit the environment the user's in.


One of the important things about augmented reality, is that its form needs to match the purpose of the experience. That is why the Tropos AR SDK layers all types of AR into one AR camera system.

AR modes

Marker based AR is the simplest form of augmented reality. The users’ camera sees a QR code, image or object, and uses that to determine exactly where it has to generate AR content. 

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User rewards.png

Home rewards

AR is uniquely positioned to make people move, come together, laugh and share digital content. Our SDKs gamification system is built to allow users to collect and enjoy personal rewards. Mix AR with physical activities to add dopamine triggering mechanics.

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