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The Tropos AR SDK

The Tropos AR SDK allows you to only worry about the augmented reality experience you want to share with the world, by taking care of all the rest. Built with Unity Technologies, the world’s most advanced graphics engine, our SDK allows for unchained creativity. AR experiences as small as a coin, as big as a Boeing 747 or anything in between. Our SDK takes less than a day to implement into any existing app and requires only one new button in your user interface. 

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User interface

Mediums achieve mass adoption when someone figures out the perfect standard to control them. Our market agnostic user interface boils everything down to one single button. That button connects to anything interactive in your AR experience, making navigation and communication a breeze. 

Capture and share

Great AR needs to be shared with the world. With Tropos AR, video recording or taking photos is at your user's fingertips, at all time. Maximising the chance for your content to be shared through social media or messaging apps.

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Want to see the Tropos AR tech in action?

Go check our                            

AR assistant

Sometimes, it helps to have someone on location to explain some of the finer details. The Tropos AR SDK turned that need into a center-piece. Meet Ava, our AR avatar. She is the first step into offering everyone their own digital personal assistant. A digital companion that can be called upon to explain anything or everything in this global AR cloud. 

The Tropos AR SDK pricing is 100% based on views. No hidden fees, no unreasonable cost structure.

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AR modes

The Tropos AR SDK easily switches between any of the available forms of AR. Marker based AR, AR experiences your user places where he pleases, as well as geolocation linked AR content on a location of your choice. The Tropos AR SDK offers object detection and spatial audio, making AR content as close to reality as can be.


What if you could do for your business, what

Pokémon GO did for Nintendo? With Tropos AR, you can. Our SDK has a built-in gamification system, where every AR interaction gets you experience points and as a user, your personal rewards are ever growing. With augmented reality, you can motivate people physically, by rewarding them digitally.

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