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SDK Pricing

Simplicity is key

Tropos AR has no SDK licence fees or cloud storage costs. We only charge for views, calculated by the amount of megabytes that was pushed from the Tropos AR cloud to end users. Our pricing model offers a clear divide between non-commercial and commercial AR experiences.

Non commercial views pricing 

All content types


Commercial views pricing 







€1,05 (per experience)

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 17.03.12.png


A view is charged when the content that is seen by a user is non-interactive. As an example: BMW puts an AR version of their newest model on your driveway, and you go and look at it.



The interaction means the AR experience was interactive, data of each interaction was sent back to the company that created the AR experience, to use in a commercial setting (which excludes customer engagement, educational and AR games). As an example, the BMW on your driveway allowed you to select detailing options, see all paint colours and pick the interior and wheel type you prefer. This will let BMW know exactly what you like most, what you looked at etc…



A Conversion fee is charged, when the AR experience triggered the user to do something outside of the AR experience. As an example: You’ve seen the BMW on your driveway, and you pressed a button in AR, allowing you to  sign up for a test drive at the local BMW dealer nearby.

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