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5G, does it make such a big difference?

Let's talk 5G and let us try to understand the implications.

The first obvious advantage is that it achieves faster download speeds than 4G. Pretty obvious indeed. How much faster is it in real life though? Well that depends strongly on your carrier. Looking at recent UK data, compiled by we notice that the maximum real-life speeds recorded are rather impressive indeed.

Even though these speeds are mind blowing, the theoretical maximum speeds are just ludicrous, clocking in at 10-50 Gbps. To put all these figures into context, streaming a 4k movie on Netflix will take about 25 Mbps. Depending on your carrier (still referring to the UK) you might currently just be able to squeeze a 4k movie out of your "regular" 4G connection. So, it is clear that 5G is much faster than 4G but is this the main or only advantage? Well no, not really. If you're a gamer, or if you have children who are into gaming, you will be very aware of the concept of latency or ping times. This is where 5G brings us yet another massive improvement in performance.

The current 21ms latency would certainly be acceptable to most gamers which in turn implies that 5G technology allows interaction that feels virtually instantaneous over mobile networks. Since we are only in the early stages of 5G it is clear that this latency will soon be reduced even further. With a theoretical latency of only 1ms, there is no limit to the types of applications that can be run over 5G networks.

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